– New Perfume Review Maria Candida Gentile Elephant & Roses- A Rose Grows on the Serengeti – Mark Behnke

elephant_catOne of the things I like so much about the independent perfume community is when a perfumer is working from a very personal inspiration something interesting follows. It is among the advantages of being on your own. You don’t have to live by the lowest common denominator as you design the releases for your brand. “…….

Lankaran Forest Perfume – Buta Festival of Azerbaijani Arts – 2015

evento_fronte A new luxury fragrance, inspired by the wonders of Azeri culture and the untouched beauty of its natural surroundings, will be exclusively previewed to VIP guests at the Royal Academy of Arts on Friday 20th March.
Named after the Lankaran Forest region of Azerbaijan, the fragrance has been created by acclaimed Italian perfumer, Maria Candida Gentile, inspired by her journey of discovery through the heartland of the country…




scentforthought“Possessing excellent lasting power, its sillage is serene but still noticeable”.

Cristian Cavagna

adjumi“Maria Candida Gentile, the Lady of the Italian perfumery, reinvents the incense with her perfumes Exultat, Gershwin and Sideris. Her fragrances become objects of memory to be passed on..”

Marika Vecchiatini –

marika“The fragrances of Maria Candida Gentile are really beautiful, expressing a sound personal taste, the result of a unic sensitivity and stylistic research that you can “feel”

Simona Savelli

extrait“Una collezione di profumi che porta il suo stesso nome. Un debutto che, vale la pena dirlo, è stato un grande successo e ha rivelato il talento di questo naso italiano…”

Francesca Faruolo – Vanity Fair

style“Per trovare sé stessi a volte bisogna perdersi. Così ha fatto Maria Candida Gentile in un giorno di febbraio ai Giardini della Mortola…”

Red – Luglio 2011

redLa giornalista Jessica Godfrey propone una selezione di fragranze vintage.

GQ Russia – Settembre 2011

Gqru“Uno degli eventi più attesi all’apertura della mostra Pitti Fragranze sono i profumi creati da Maria Candida Gentile, una delle poche donne che porta il titolo di maître parfumeur”.