In the music piece "Flight of the bumblebee" by Nikolaj Andreevic Rimskij-Korsakov the main character is magically transformed into an insect in order to reach, unseen, his father the king and declare that the news of his death were not true. It is a flight that expresses the desire to live and opens the door to hope for a brighter future. This collection of three new perfumes takes its name from that flight and shows the bumblebee as a bearer of a message. The recovery of a harmonious relationship between man and nature has always been at the center of the values of Maria Candida Gentile, and all the perfumes created by her are meant to express the emotions that originate from this observation. This is the sense of this new collection, with the three new perfumes connected among themselves by the Honey Note; the rediscovery of nature, the acknowledgement of its frailty, as the same which characterizes us as human beings, the opening to its beauty, as the experience without which we risk to lose ourselves.

Leucò is the discovery of a white flower that blooms only at night, emanating an hypnotic and exciting perfume. The tuberose, both forbidden and spiritual flower ........ more
Kitrea is the union of the citruses and the sea, the dream of an island full of lemons, the yellow of the sun that makes their peel shine ....... more
Syconium is the ripening of the fig, the best expression of what nature has to offer in the form of fruit, the richness of the flavour ....... more