We are in the Age of Enlightenment, in the 18th century AC, when extreme sensuality meets refinement. Barry Lyndon, the character of William Makepeace, in the movie of Kubrick ....... more
Is a real revolution in the fragrances made of roses. Cinabre creates the fragrance of a rose with a breakthrough formula ....... more
A visit to the Church of Saint Lorence in Lucina during the Vespers "provoked" the fantasy of Maria Candida ....... more
The encounter with the ocean, the power of the sea and the wind, along with the special energy of this place inspired this creation ....... more
Gershwin is an ode to the forests, flowers and sounds, musics of different continents which one can grab only by exploring, an ode to our spirit of freedom and belonging to the same planet, the earth, our home ....... more
The inspiration comes from the gardens of the Hanbury Villa in Ventimiglia, a city of northern Italy by the mediterranean sea. The essences of this garden have been assembled during a life time ....... more
Seductive but not suffocating, its trace wafts upon the skin for long, revealing the characteristics of its nature: vegetable, aromatic and gently gourmand ....... more
Sideris was born during a walk along a Mediterranean beach in Liguria (Italy) at night. The moment was so beautiful that one could feel like floating in the air ...... more