Cod. BPA180FN

63,00 IVA incl.

The natural attraction for the infinity of the sea is sublimated to the nose and eyes, imitating and magnifying the healing freshness of Finisterre, bringing wide open spaces into our homes.

Format: 180g
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Top notes: Marine accord, wet accord
Heart notes: Almond accord, Heliotrope
Base notes: Vanilla accord, Bourbon, Rum
Fragrance family: Marin

When night time draws in over the sea, a lighthouse on the headland marks the boundary between inviolable land and the thundering, inscrutable sea.

Light up that darkness with hundreds of candles casting dancing shadows and extol the infinite inscrutability of the ocean. The Finisterre Candle brings the natural vitality of the sea into our homes, dressing up our living spaces in marine and moist driftwood accords, tangy pine and helichrysum, sandalwood and grey amber.

Just like the other candles in the Maria Candida Gentile Collection, it offers a contrast between seeing and contemplating and releases the essence after it’s been burning for twenty minutes, giving forty hours of light, perfume and infinity.