Finisterre eau de parfum

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You'll have 19-155 points for MCG Loyalty Prizes.
You'll have 19-155 points for MCG Loyalty Prizes.

The ocean on your skin: an eau de parfum that will conquer all, with its tales of the sea and of shady pine woods. An ethereal essence, between absolute radiance and never-ending luminosity.

Famiglia olfattiva

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Top notes: Marine accord, Wet wood
Heart notes: Helichrysum, Pine
Base notes: Grey amber, Sandalwood

Finisterre is one of the most iconic and well-loved eau de parfums in the Collection. Its luminance is hard to pin down in words, it lights up the senses and inspires a sense of freedom and never-ending space. Soothing and yet full of light, opening with marine chords and moist driftwood notes, moving on to cradling pine and helichrysum before the sandalwood and grey amber base  notes.

Finisterre, the end of the known world, a metamorphosis owed to the Santiago pilgrim trail, a place of spirituality suspended between sea and sky; one of the most iconical perfumes of Maison MCG, worn by men, women and places .