Lankaran Forest

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Seductive evocations of long-lost civilisations re-emerge in the sacred Azerbaijan forest. An eau de parfum that captures the spiritual connection with nature, within the setting of Lankaran Forest.

Famiglia olfattiva

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Top notes: Bitter orange Petit Grain
Heart notes: Lankaran black tea, Lichens accord
Base notes: Sandalwood, Leaves, Sacred wood accords

Lankaran Forest is pervasive and compelling, evocative and enduring, a fusion of Central Asian elements that resonate in eternity thanks to the authentic and precious notes that Maria Candida discovered on a journey to Azerbaijan.

Lankaran Forest is a special place, where the trees look after each other and nature preserves a powerful original species, from orange groves to black tea fields. Lankaran Forest dresses the senses, the mind and the personality of the wearer; a joyous and unique perfume for him and her.