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You'll have 20-155 points for MCG Loyalty Prizes.

Viridarium: a garden of intertwined emotions, where tangerine and white fir dance with ancient flowers and incense, uniting the past and present in an explosion of sensations.

Famiglia olfattiva



Head: Mandarin, bergamot, green accord, Clary sage
Heart: Accord of camomil flowers, wild herbs, poppy leaves, macerated date, beeswax , carnation
Base: Accord of exotic woods, incense, cypress, elm and white fir

Viridarium was the name given to the gardens of patrician villas in Ancient Rome, inspired by the gardeners’ creative urge to experiment in that period. Unusual juxtapositions from worlds apart such as silver fir and the Date palm nestle close to shrubs, trees and flowers.

The Viridarium of Livia from 1 B.C., the stunningly preserved alfresco in the National Roman Museum, provided the inspiration for Maria Candida’s latest olfactory creation. A contemplation of the work led to the compilation of a list with all its botanical elements and which Maria Candida then used to create her eponymous homage to the original, amalgamating seemingly disparate olfactory notes and culminating in a liminal space suspended between our ancestral past and her divergent current style.