Rose facial toner

Cod. LS030CRRO

35,00 IVA incl.

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A dynamic soothing, toning and astringent lotion. The combination of pure essential rose oil along with lavender and geranium essence guarantees effectiveness and results for all skin types.

Format: 30ml


The toner has a very important role in daily beauty routines: it completes facial skin care habits by removing the last traces of impurities stuck in the pores, getting you ready for the start of a new day or for your bedtime.

The spagyric process used to create this toner guarantees a whole new level of purity, giving the skin an extraordinary luminosity. The discrete rose scent stays with you, soothing your soul every day.

Paracelso Alchemy is the beauty range by Maria Candida Gentile: natural purity, ancestral wisdom, daily care.