Rose massage oil

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The highest expression of sensorial well-being: spagyric rose oleolites containing all the active ingredients of the plant, boosting the effects and benefits for the body and mind.

Format: 50ml
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In the spagyric oleolite we can find all the active ingredients of the plant, the mineral salts and trace minerals, to the extent in which they are found in the plant itself, and in the quantity which the oleolite itself can contain.

The plants are macerated in first pressed organic extra virgin olive oil. Then the oleolites are diluted in sunflower oil and exposed to sunlight. After 28 days the oil is filtered from the plant residues, which are then pressed and placed in a cast iron container on a direct heat until they become ashes.

Massages with this precious oil improve the hydration and luminosity of skin. Exceptionally delicate, it is absorbed easily and cocoons the whole body in tender loving care.

Paracelso Alchemy is the beauty range by Maria Candida Gentile: natural purity, ancestral wisdom, daily care.