Fruity Kit


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Olfactory fullness and sensual cocooning is what distinguishes the fruity family in the Eau de Parfum Collection. The energy from the ripening fruit unfolds in its natural restorative energy.

Format: 1,8ml
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The story of Maria Candida Gentile’s fruity fragrances takes place in the sun, in the melon fields of Puglia, under the almond and fig trees, and moving on to the millenary sacred forests on the banks of the Black Sea.

Syconium is a mother’s hug, with its ripe fig and milk, giving the wearer an immediate sense of wellbeing and protection.
Anime Sante besieges the senses and emotions, glorifying the melon and almond milk and breathing out all the intensity and vitality of the south.

Lankaran Forest is an esoteric awakening for the soul: it comes to life in the orange groves of Azerbaijan, and bursts into action with black tea and sacred wood notes.