Incense-scented Kit


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Sensual and seductive, alluring and exotic, the amber family from the Eau de Parfum Collection delight the senses and take the wearer on a deep, bewitching inner journey.

Format: 1,8ml


Compelling music with the sweetest of melodies and four different interpretations characterises the olfactory accords in Maria Candida Gentile’s incense collection .

Viridarium: a garden of intertwined emotions, where tangerine and white fir dance with ancient flowers and incense, uniting the past and present in an explosion of sensations. Elegant and sophisticated, delicate and unique, Exultat opens with citrusy, incensed notes, perfectly balanced thanks to the violet and vetiver.
Gershwin totally dazzles, from its luminous citrusy opening notes, before taking us away to far-away lands. Symbolic Sideris’s cistus laudanum gives it a huge personality, making it an absolute winner.