Sample Kit 16 Eau de Parfum


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The Eau de Parfum Collection is a chest full of scented treasures, real chapters in the olfactory anthology that Maria Candida Gentile puts together with love and enthusiasm, creation after creation.

Format: 1,8ml
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Maria Candia Gentile’s vision of perfumery is expressed in her Eau de Parfum, emersing herself in nature , searching for its profound essence, replicating it in perfume form and adding only her creative vision.
The Eau de Parfums are made using only natural molecules, and are produced with total respect for classical canons of the art of perfumery, giving the wearer personality and percipience, bringing positive benefits on a mental and spiritual level.
From iconic Sideris to the floral riot of Hanbury, from emblematic Cinabre to the delightful Barry Lyndon and the famous Noir Tropical, each and every note represents a love song to nature and to life itself, to be listened to every day.