Noir Tropical eau de parfum

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You'll have 37-155 points for MCG Loyalty Prizes.
You'll have 37-155 points for MCG Loyalty Prizes.

A mellow and alluring play of olfactory symphonies, its captivating ingredients form a gourmand amber tale, where vanilla and begamot chase green accords and the darkest of intuitions.

Famiglia olfattiva

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Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Almond accord, Heliotrope
Base notes: Vanilla accord, Bourbon, Rum

Noir Tropical is undulating, captivating and dark, recognised by its dialogue between the opening notes of bergamot, followed by almond and heliotrope in the middle and ending with vanilla, bourbon and rum.

Spell-binding smoothness tinged with beige, a seductive scent that encapsulates the senses forever. Vanilla in the base notes is the absolute of chocolate from Sao Tomé, chosen directly by the Nose herself and produced only on this island by a family of Italian origin. The chocolate note owes its superb quality to the use of artisanally-crafted raw materials.